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APLGO drops have been LIFE CHANGING! I was extremely skeptical thinking “how could this little drop make a difference? There is no way this stuff actually works.” I was wrong. I started with ALT and RLX. I have terrible allergies and, at times, insomnia. During my worst of allergies, I decided to pop an ALT. I was surprised when my sinuses started to unclog, and the typical watery, itchy eyes went away. I began taking the RLX at night and found my mind was less restless and it was easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. As 40-something athlete, my body doesn’t heal as quickly as when I was younger. The SLD and STP has made an incredible difference after training runs and workouts. I’m able to move with a little soreness versus being sore for several days. I also tried the metabolic reset. In 3 months, my cholesterol went from potential of needing medication, to all normal levels! WHAT?! And PFT may not have changed my weight, however, in one month, my body composition looks like I have curves versus straight, and my belly has shrunk! I went from a 10 to a 6! These drops are the miracle I’ve been looking for that are all natural! Highly recommend! 100 out of 10! 

Kristy A.

Food IS Medicine

Our premium supplements use a unique technology involving plant DNA and negative ions that provides nutrition and healing at the cellular level. Absorb 100% of the nutrients vs less than 50% when sending nutrients through the gut. It's time to experience a healthier you from the inside out.

Age Backwards

We’ve partnered with worldwide cosmetics experts to create an all natural skincare line that is unlike any other on the market. It blends both science and nature to create truly innovative products that have both quick AND lasting effects. 

After my previous favorite skincare line went out of business, I had tried SO many suggested products and the latest and greatest from reputable beauty reviews. From the moment I tried APL skincare products, I could feel and see the difference just from the sample pack. By the second time I tried them, I was hooked. I primarily use the serum and moisturizer with VISIBLE slight tightening and serious moisturizing (which is so necessary in Colorado). Results even last more than a day on the off chance you aren’t religious with your regimen, but definitely helps if you use daily. The facial elixir mist is also amazing and feels great! APL is a little on the costly side, but the products truly last longer than most! My APL staples are worth it!"

Kellie P.


Kristen Keller


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